Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tantra: The Yoga of Making Love

While most people in the West (America) think of Tantra as Sexual, the sexuasl aspect
of Tantra is merely the "tip of the iceburg" and like the iceburg, with 9/10th of
it's form being beneath the surface of the water, so 9/10th of the spiritual
experience of the erotic energy of tantra is "submerged" in the collective unconsciousness of the human mind/body/spirit/heart and SoulEssence psycho-synergy.

This article provides a vastly deeper exploration of what cannot be expressed in
words about Tantra, books, articles about the mysterious spiritual-erotic experience
that the tantra practitioners, students, teachers, adepts actually are experiencing
internally in the transformative hightened awareness and "cosmic consciousness"
that the sacred erotic lovemaking ecstasy that Tantra Kundalini Yoga actually IS.

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