Saturday, June 12, 2010

Religious Insanity in America

Is Religion with it's terrifying history of violent religious crusades, "holy wars",
"jihad", mass raping, pillaging, massacreing, genocidal, matricidal, infanticidal,
patricidal, violent killing "in the name of God", "Jesus Christ", "Mohammed", "Allah",
evidence of mass "religious" insanity in humanity?

What is the source of words such as "Kill every man, woman, child and beast and
leave nothing Alive for I, thy God am a jealous God. There shall be no other Gods
before me . . . . . .

Who, what is the "bible" God of the Old Testament. What IS the "god" Mystique in
the human mind, collective consciousness and . . collective unconsciousness?

Food for Thought!

From a survivor of Religious Mass Insanity in America and the 20th Century "immitation" of "religious insanity" . . .manufactured . . "psychiatric insanity"
"manmade" and "mass marketed" to the "masses" of humanity as "mental health",
psychotropic "brainwashing/mindcontrol" drugging, "electyro-convulsive" shock
"treatment"/ "torture", chemical, electrical and crude psycho-surgical lobotomyzation
of healthy human brains, bodys, beings for lucrative "profiteering" in "medical"
psychiatric and "religious" Quackery and "CONspiracitorial" . . . . . weapons of
mass deception by the Masters of Mass Mind Control via mass "religious" hypnosis.

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