Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The People vs. Larry Flynt: A Feminist Critique

MUST READing for all honorable men and women who love life, our sacred sexuality
and this war ravished, rape plundered and mutilated living planet/ our Mother,
ourselves, our vital ROOT of our connection to the Mother . . Nature, Mother Earth
Mother of the Universe, Mother of the YONIverse, HERself, whose living "essence" is
in every man, woman, child and beast.

Is Larry Flynt the "Hero" of "Free Speech" and Uncensored literary "freedom" he is
portrayed as in the movie The People vs. Larry Flynt (the creator of Hustler magazine
and the progenitor of the multi-trillion dollar now international, intergenerational
pornography/gornography "industry"? OR is this one man one of the most dispicable,
vilest, most sexist, racist, misogenistic women, girl and child hating, abusing
beastiality . . . perverts ever.

YOU decide, but ONLY after you have done your own research, homework and gathered
more of the facts and fiction surrounding the published and unpublished Autobiography of what may be the world's most dangerous sexual pervert/predator.

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