Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gloria Steinham Speaks Out on Violent Porn

The violent porn industry, the American progenitors of whom are Larry Flynt
and his cloned "hardcore" violent pornography/gornography progenitors now have
a multi-billion dollar international "industry" of total depravity and demoralyzation
of human sexuality. The dominant international and intergenerational and worldwide
international "SEX Education" is the horrifically violently "depraved" "white male"
sexist, racist Pornography "SEX" . . . . Education that is now accessible 24/7/365
for viewing by children, youth and adults of all ages who are depicted in the images
as depraved, violent sex crazed pediphiles, rapists, sexual dominators, perverts and
power and money mad "entrepreneurs" willing to stoop to more and more depraved
use of the human "image and likeness" for their personal lucrative financial exploitation.

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