Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Will the religious insanity angle ever be acknowledged?

2. Will the religious insanity angle ever be acknowledged?

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I mean before he's gone and killed a million or more people in one go?
Bush isn't just a little wrong about the theory of international relations and allied topics--he isn't just a teeny far afield in his thinking due to a stream of poor data. He is a religious nutcase whackjob.
He is in the grip of a racist, genocidal Judeo-Christian worldview.
"Delusional" as a description is such an inadequate estimate of our President's true condition that for a political observer to simply call Bush delusional in a neutral, clinical tone of voice without then detailing the nature and origin of his delusion, appears to me so detached from the threat that Bush represents to humanity at this moment that I'm wondering if that writer himself is delusional. Ok that's hyperbole, but c'mon can anybody really believe that Bush sees this situation in terms of what will actually stop the killing and produce peace? All his killing has led to more and more killing, even he must see that. In the face of that he welcomes still more killing and clearly wishes to take any and all of the local conflicts and inflate and transform them into a climactic, all-out final deathgasm. And even in the Bush Administration the policy players can't be so dumb as to believe that they can kill their way to a permanent peace without essentially depopulating the Middle East.

Bush doesn't have a foreign policy that he's following, he's entering four horses in the Apocalypse Sweepstakes.

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