Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Historical Creation of Empire and Slavery

American Imperialism and the Enslavement of the indigenous people of our planet.
America's Slave Making History of Imperialist Conquest and Expansion,
Land and Slave Acquisition and forced "religionization", "Catholization" and
"Christianization" the Enslavement of the whole human race, species by the "Missionaries" of Death, Doom and Mass Destruction, Torture, Tryanny and Terror.

It is all a matter of public record now. Do your own research. Do your own
homework and discover the stark naked truth of the Secret White Brotherhood's
diabolically tryannical conspiracy to enslave, dispoil, divide, conquer and rule
the whole Earth, every man, woman, child and beast. And so it is. Even to this very

"Kill . . . every man, woman, child and beast and leave nothing alive."
The bone chilling words of the King James Holy War Bible itself.

The Great White Brotherhood of White Male Supremists and contrived racist, sexist
Apartheid is the Empire of Consciousness Vampires and Vultures, preying upon the
naively innocent and the passively submissive "obedient" . . . sheeple being led
to the mass slaughter of the innocents.

Ironically, the slaughterers and butchers bear names of the "Innocents" . . . the ultimate malicious deception of the maliciously guilty Masters of Deception, Stealth and murderous madness in High Places.

KEYwords for online Research:

The Extreme Jesuit Oath
The Black Pope
The Illuminati
The New World Order
Opus Dei
The Free Masons
The King George Plan
The Georgia Guidestones Imperative
"Maintain humanity at 500 million".

Question: How many of humanity's present 7 billion population are "they"
planning to "depopulate" to "maintain humanity at 500 million".

They are planning an 80% depopulation. They are planning to kill us enmasse.
HOW? They know how and so do WE, the awakened awakeners of the Resistance.

Who are "They", the Secret Rulers of the World?
And who is "HE", the Alpha Male, HIS Infernal Majesty, HIS Eminence, HIS Holiness,
HIS . . . . murderously mad self-proclaimed Ruler of the World "in HIS image,
in HIS likeness, under HIS . . . . Command, Commandments, Mindlessly Obedient
to HIS will "on Earth, as it is in HIS Bogus Heaven in the sky bye and bye when
we all DIE hard.

Wake yourself up. Free your Mind. Think critically. Question "HIS" Authority.
Question HIStory. Question everything you have been deceitfully led to eroneously
BELIEVE is what on Earth is Happening.

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