Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is Biblical, Scriptural Exegesis?

Has Biblical, Scriptural Exegesis been corrupted by male biased interpretation of
the received "scriptural" texts?

What is the most terrifying literature ever published?
Who wrote the King James Bible, The Koran, the Malifarius Malifarcum?
MALES. Who has retained absolutely monopoly control of the religious texts,
scriptures of the worlds major religious, Judaism-Christianity-Islam, the Abrahamic
Covenant derived religions, Buddhaism, Hinduism, Confuscism, all religion in human

MALES, male popes, priesthoods, brotherhoods, male "preachers" of the male "word"
of the male "GOD"/ GODHEAD. ALL MALE created, ALL MALE "interpreted" by solely
MALE "Biblical/ scriptural" . . . "exegesis" (interpretation).

Is is MALE interpreting MALE religious texts and MALE "exegesis" while absolutely
violently prohibiting FEMALE "exegesis", interpretation and equally credible
literary criticism/ analysis/ interpretation/ "EXEGESIS".

Soooooooo nearly 100% white male biases is all of Western, Euro-American literary
heritage that it is massive, filling massive libraries, museums and archives
in which NO female writing, art, "religious" literature is to be found. WHY?

I have read that the Vatican (a 100% exclusively WHITE MALE bastion, contains
a library of white male supremist "religious" literature that is 50 miles long!

Is that true? False? Who knows?
The world is still controlled by the Roman Catholic Empire, whether we believe it
or not.

The history of the Roman Catholic Empire is the history of absolute white male
totalitarian terror, torture, deception, betrayal, stealth, mass murder and
mass despotism on a scale so massive that is it mind boggling. And the irony is
that all of it's despotic "history" is a matter of public records and encyclopedic
literature available for public scrutiny and research.

Why does the Bible "command" the "true believers" to . . .
KILL every man, woman, child and beast and leave nothing ALIVE?
WHY is the GOD of the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible
(white male created, white male published, white male mass marketed to the masses
of humanuity) . . . . contain dichotomously contradictory "commandments" that
have incited thousands of generations of "holy family wars", "holy land wars",
violently genocidal and femicidal world war atrocities, "witch hunts, crazes and
misogenistic woman hating, woman raping, hideous atrocities in its pages, stories
and so-called "word of God" . . . . Revelations?

What is REVEALED in plain Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and English is the most
terrifying human atrocities imaginable being committed "in the name of God"
under a terrifying GOD-SPELL, a Black Magic Spell, Curse, "Enchantment" that has
persisted to this very day and Age!

Read it for yourself. See for yourself. Stop depending on totalitarian pompously
arrogantly condescending Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, and their "Protestant"
imitators and mimics to tell you that you are a dirty rotten sinner who must
grovel before these human males, kiss the papal ring and (ass) in public spectator
sports that are brocast to the whole world via the controlled mass media, TV,
radio, newspapers, magazines, all of which are owned by the white male parasitic
elite Masters of Deception, Illusion and totalitarian terror, domination and
predation, including mass pediphile child sex abuse that is now becoming public

Believe nothing of what you see in the mass media and only half of what you hear
if you want to pursuit the long denied Truth of the Matter of the total depravity
in "high places", Vatican City, the "Holy Roman Empire" of the "Holy Fathers"
the "Vicars of Christ" in all their pompous piety and absolute utter contempt
for all that is female, feminine, "feminist" of the Mother, Mother Earth,
Mother Nature, Mother Goddess, Mother . . . . . Ancesturess, the Grande Mother's
maternal Kundalini Shakti luminious feminEssence in our bodies, ourselves, our
wombborn, femaleborn being and becoming.

I recommend that all the readers of this message read the recently published
book by literary genius Ranie Isler, entitled Sacred Pleasure in which she
presents a totally alternative history of the world and the world's religions
and the pain versus pleasure dichotomies in all our lives.

See this blogs labels to find the book review of Sacred Pleasure.

It's time for all womanborn, wombborn, Motherbirthed humanity to reclaim our
LOST birthright of Sacred Erotic Pleasure without all the contamination of
the religious based sexual fear, guilt, shame, humiliation, and terrifying sexual
mythology into which we were all forced to be "educated" in and mentally terrified

FREE your MIND and Body, Come to Your Senses and explore the Sacred Pleasures
that Ranie Eisler so profoundly has reclaimed for all of us!

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