Monday, January 11, 2010

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic

Explore the terrifying religion motivated atrocities, holocausts of the
Catholic-Prostestant Wars, Religious Crusades, Violent "Holy Wars", "Witch Crazes"
and male/female gender/ parent/ family/ "bloodbaths" that were occuring in the world
at the time of the founding of the American Colonnies and the American Revolutionary
and Civil Wars of our world History/ American HIS-tory, the male and while male
Story of the "founding Fathers" that left out, trivalized and marginalized the story
of the founding Mothers and Daughters of the Revolution for Liberty from religious
persecution and sexuo-economic enslavement of our ancestural parents and their
children and grandchildren.

Why does the Lady Liberty Statue have broken chains at her feet? What is human
slavery and when did it originate on Earth? What is the NOW oxymoronic and stupifying WAR of Terror, Terrorism, Terrifying Violence on Earth and the violence and law enforced forced and coerced "submission" and subjecation of the women and children of our planetary family to terrifying male "military" authoritarinism and "down from the Top" "chain of command"/ "commandments" to "kill . . . EVERY man, woman, child and beast and leave nothing alive", commit mass patricide, femicide, infanticide matricide and ecocide "in the name of" religious "freedom" and "justice", the planetary "killing" of perceived "enemies", "heretics", "blasphemers" "unbelievers", religious dissidents, and all who refuse to accept the dominant religious worldview.

For your own research on all of the above, see online:
The Dark Bible Contents
The Freedom From Religion site
Woes to the Women, the Bible tells me so.
The Ex-muslims Council in London
The Ex-Christians online Deconversion testimonials
The Center for Partnership Studies
Sacred Pleasures
and the many other online references and resources used to create this Blog. and
embbedded in it.

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