Monday, January 11, 2010

The Child Abuse Network

What can we each and all do to end the international, intergenerational whole Earth
legacy of terrifying tryannical child abuse manifesting as child SEX slavery,
child prostitution by adults and youth, child labor slavery, child torturing, child
terrifying, child beating, child soffocating, child strangling, child burning,
child torturing, child "sacrificing", child killing enmasse, everywhere on Earth,
everywhere children are being born, everywhere children ARE.

The "problem" is everywhere, local, global, in our homes, streets, schools, in our
religions, in our politics, in our economics, in our memories and in our imagination, in our mass media publications, movies, television, books, in our digital technologiesincluding the new internet digital technology.

Child predation and abuse are pandemic, worldwide, and as close to each and all of
as our own terrified INNER child in hiding, our own INNER abused child, our own INNER exiled, imprisoned and enslaved INNER child.

Codependency Recovery and Inner Child Healing is the newest type of wholistic
healing modality and approach to the terrifying "war of terrorism" that is now
the terrifying inner/outer "world" of yesterday, today and tommorow's wounded
souls, broken hearts, and inner "children" born into a world of terror, tryanny
and Intimate Violence.

We are ALL the children of our Great Celestrial, Cosmic Mother Earth, Mother Nature.
Body of her Body, Bone of her Bone, Blood of her Blood, Flesh of her Flesh and
Great Spirit of her Great Spirit.

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