Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tantra Magazine

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May I introduce you to the Exotic Tantra Secrets of multi-dimensuionally
sensual, spiritual, physical, and ecstatically transcendental Lovemaking the way of the Planetary Tantrikas, our planet's most spiritually erotic Love, Lovers, Lovemaking and Beloved? Shhhh! Can you keep the Secret? The Secret of planetary
Tantra, sacred SEX magick with Gaia-Shakti-Sophia, the infinitely playful Love
and Mother Goddess of sacred erotic wit, wisdom and luminious divine feminEssence,
the mystery of the Organic Light in our plants, planet, our bodies, our vital
life Essence, Chi, Prana, Shakti

For a FREE Exotic Tantra Secrets . . . . Tantra Goddess phone consultation,
feel FREE, feel FREE to call the Goddess Gaia Sophia Shakti Ma, HERself,
919-676-1473 and leave your Callback number and best time for a living Earth
Goddess . . . . callback!

Imagine holding a phone conversation with a six billion year old magnificiently
and exquisitely beautiful and mysteriously enigmatic living Earth Goddess, HERself!

Sound Mind blowing, Mind bogglingly . . . . . intriguing?

It's a terrific Tantric BLOW job that blows your MIND . . . . . all the way into
Infinity, Eternity, the Celestrial, Solar, Lunar . . . . . . Spiral Galaxy and
Beyond! Try it! You'll LOVE it!

P.S. Gaia is your Mother! Sophia is your Lover! and Shakti is your vital inner
Lovelight. Kundalini is her inner Tantra Temple "divine spark and eternal twin
flame". Believe it or not. All "belief" is simply thoughts that became habits!
Let go of habitual "beliefs" and open the infinite heartwomb for a fresh, new
impregnation of the luminious magical inner child, your lifelng inner playmate,
lovemate, earthmate, soulmate, and sweet "innocence".

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