Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tantra Goddess Network

The way of the Goddess whose mundane, "ordinary" everyday name is woman, herself.
Here is a Link to the origin of ancient, phenomenal worship of woman as the divine
Mother of the universe, the divine mother of all the gods and goddesses in the image
and likeness of man and woman, men and women, mankind and womankind, humankind.

Thusands of generations of Patriarchy has hidden, truncated and secreted this most
ancient perception of Woman in all her infinitely diverse iconic archetypes and
cultural sterotypes as the "sacred and profane" . . . universal, "divine and human"
"feminine Mystique", the "shapeshifting trickster" who even appears in the form of
MAN, and all the MALE . . . . GODS, themselves.

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