Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tantra in Denver

Excellent Tantra Site Content.
Tantra for Men. Tantra for Women. Tantra for Couples. Tantra for same sex couples.
Tantra for Everyone. Enjoy learning planetary Tantra for all Womankind, Mankind,
Humankind . . the new Spiritual Sexuality that teaches how to transform raw sexual
energy into the Art of Erotic Ecstasy thru Tantra Yoga, the "divine union of the
dualities and polarities of Yin/Yang, Male/Female, God/Goddess, all that is.

This profound sexual wisdom has been nearly lost to the world during the tragic
emergence of the patterns of dominaton and subjecation/ the Master/Slave model of
the mankind/womankind/humankind relationship/ relativity dynamics.

"Nothing can stop the new spiritual reality from blooming.
Nothing can styop men and women from discovering and experiencing spiritual sex and
the new paradeigm of proper human behavior. It will become universally established
and will be cross-cultural, dynamic and uncompromising." - from the book Spiritual
Sex, Secrets of Tantra from the Ice Age to the New Millwnium by Nik Douglas.
His website is TantraWorks.

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