Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Planetary Tantra

For the advanced students/teachers and tantrikas of Gaia,our living planet named
Mother, and Sophia, the iconic symbol of infinite divine feminine wisdom intrinsic
in the organic Light of the substance of Gaia. Have Fun exploring Planetary Tantra.

I recommend the Book Not In His Image by John Lash

Are you concerned and confused by the long history of "holy war", "jihad" . . .
"in the name of" . . . . "God, Allah, Jesus Christ", . .. self acclaimed elite male
priests who claim to have an exclusive "hotline" to the ultimate "supreme creator of
all that is", who happens to be in the "image and likeness" of old and young human

And what of the words in the religious texts of the religions of the Abrahamic
"Covenant" . .. . of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Patriarchial paternal fraternity
and their "secret" elite male societies?

"KILL every man, woman, child and beast and leave nothing alive . .. for I, thy
God am a jealous God . . . . and he/she . . . woman, man, child, . . . shall be
stoned to death, put to death . . . . .. . etc. . . . ad infinatum.

Where did these words of "scripture" , so called "holy writ" originate? Words
calling for human genocide, femicide, infanticide and endless war, rape, hate
against the so-cslled "enemies" of "God"/ Allah, . . . . . . "heretics" . . .
"blasphemers" . . . . . etc.

What is all this Apocalyptic Masculinity, this "paternal" GODfatherism/ GODheadism?

And what is the Goddess, the Gaia - Earth Mother and the Sophia Mystic/ Mythos?

There obviously is a terrifying war going on on this planet for control of the
whole planet, whole Earth and all life forms sustained by the living planet.
All of us are assimilated into this terrifying cataclysmic violent upheaval upon
embodiment in physical form, at our very conception. It is all inclusive and
all invasive. The Book Not in His Image presents a brilliant alternative to
everything we have been taught to believe "religion" is and is not.

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