Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tantra - the Promise

An article challenging American/Western misperceptions of the Promise of Advaita Tantra, the Gift of
transcending bondage to culturally conditioned religious and gender motivated alienation, violence and acquired
idiotic stupidity parading before our acquired misperceiving of ourselves as pre-judged, pre-cursed, pre-damned
individualized skin encapsulated EGO's masking and pretending the vast polarities of good vs. evil, male vs. female,
theism vs. antitheism, angelology vs. demonology, christianity vs. anti-christianity, etc. ad nauseum, "ad Infinatum".

Freeing Ourselves of all this polarized stark raving madness and embracing awareness of nonduality, oneness,
wholeness, allness, nowness and isness . . . . is the emerging Promise and possibility of the Rennaissance of
the ancient eastern traditions of the Non-duality Androgenous Avatars among us and . . . . . . as US.

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