Friday, October 8, 2010

Sexual Abuse of Boys - Reported and Unreported, Researched and Unresearched

Breaking the Silence of girl/boy child sex abuse is very difficult.  Listening non-judgementally to the
wounded "inner child" in ourselves, our own lives is where we find compassion, empathy and love for the
sexually wounded inner child in us each and all.

WE are all ONE.
When ONE child is wounded, every child is wounded.  Children grow up to be adults with deep wounds inside,
wounds in the Mind, Memory, wounds in the Soul/ Psyche . . . wounds in the wholeness of our being.  We are
all wounded.  NO one has not been wounded by the massive international, intergenerational child abuse that is
how we "parent" our "inner child" when we become "adults" . . . . . . wounded children in "adult" . .  bodies
hiding the terrifying "secrets" we were told never to TELL anyone or we would experience . . . . a worse abuse.

Feel the inner shame, built, fear, remorse, self-repression, depression that are all the inner "signals" of what
is never really ever . . . . . totally forgotten, no matter what we have done to hide our "family secrets" . . from

It takes great courage to do the "inner work" of freeing our inner "shadow child" in hiding and in exile from
our "adult" . . . . . . . SELVES.

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