Monday, September 20, 2010

Three Billion Sister Goddesses Urgently Wanted by Divine Mother Being!

Three billion Sister Goddesses Wanted to Play Together . . .

The Great Aha! Sister Goddesses Storydancing Theater Games
for women's 5000 years long painfully overdue ecstatic enjoyment
amusement and awakening from the 5000plus endarkened light  years
of our collectively unconscious  ungoddessing, unpriestessing, and tragic unremembering
Earth Goddess Amnesia we've all been . .vicariously through and embodying in total . . . . collective
Sister Goddesses Amnesia!  
We are remembering now . . . . . ancient Sister  Goddess rememberings!  
What on Earth is Happening Now!  Wow! Women of Wisdom are US!

Everywhere there are signs of our  auspicious simbiotic cosmic  sisterhood
awakening of a mysteriously deep  inner power, passion
and spiritual presence in and among us each and all, changing all that IS!
  This mysterious cosmic energy is invisible, nameless, genderless and auspiciously ubiquituous.
It is everywhere we are, always, day and night, 24/7/365 . . . omnipresent and beginning to get our collective  undivided Attention!

Feel the Presence, stirring and opening the
sacred Heart Chakra in all our bodies, all our
being!  A sacred Heartfelt . . inner "stirring"
a sacred "calling" to a whole new symbiotic
collective Spiritual Midwifery, a sacred Singularity! 

"This we know, the earth does not belong to us.
 WE belong to the Earth Mother.  What we do
 to the Earth Mother, we do to ourselves . . .
 What befalls the Earth Mother befalls the
 sons and daughters of the Earth . . Mother.
 All things are connected!  All things breath
 the same BREATH . . . . of Life
 BREATH of Love . . . BREATH of consciousness
 BREATH of sacred self . . . . realization . . BREATH
 of the Sacred Mystery of the inner . . Spirit on Fire

 Be Still and Know that I am you are Goddess!
 All acts of Love and Pleasure are our Goddess Alchemy!
 Awaken Sisters, Love, Laugh, Sing, Dance, Celebrate
 Our Time is Now!  Wow! Women of Wisdom
 Waking the World's . .  spiritual . . . Amnesia and
 Ungoddessing, Unpriestessing, Unweaving!

 Reweaving the luminious inner Goddess Dream
 of being forevermore IN the luminious LOVElight
 of the Divine Mother's Gift of Being IN . . . Love

 with all Life, fiercely, passionately, powerfully, . . fearlessly
 and courageously . . . . and always Now!  Oh! Wow!
 Living in the WOW of the eternal NOW!  

 Fusing, integrating, consciously co-creating Goddess Chants, Dances, 
 Games, Rituals, Rites of Passage, Birthrites, in the Alchemy of 
 Sister Goddessing, Priestessing, and Wisening . . . . UP! 

 Inviting our Brothers into the Great Cosmic Mating Dance of 
 God/Goddess, all that IS . . . . the universal oneness, allness, nowness 
 and isness . . . . of the Mystery of our infinitely vast . . . . . Totality! 


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