Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ModernDay Tantra for Couples Meetup Group

Here's evidence that Tantra is ancient, Tantra is new. Tantra is for YOU, me and all of us humans in search of
the source of the "divine" femininity and masculinity that are united as the TWO becoming ONE flesh in the
tantric UNION of all opposite polarities as the ONE infinite BEing!

Viva la Tantra!  Viva la Feminique!  Viva la Masculinique! The mysteriously magical magnificient universal,
YONIversal mating dance "as above, so below", . .  . as withIN, so withOUT, in the perennial wisdom of the
magnificiently auspicious ALL ONE BEing . . . . . BEcoming every ONE simbiotically and synergistically always IS!

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