Friday, September 17, 2010

Mary Daly Obituary. Celebrate the 20th Century's most controversial Feminist Philosopher

What can ONE person do to change our violently misogenystic patriarchial world?
ONE womyn did and everywoman CAN!  Do what only women can do to end the horrific
sexualized, patriarchialized, religionized, politicalized and legalized massive worldwide pandemic
of violence against, on and IN the bodies, lives, selves and collective simbiotic femaleBeing(s).

Farewell and Bon Voyage Mary Daly.  I salute your outrageously courageous . . . sacred Womynjourney!
May your Womynkind increase unto every generation until the mass maniacal violence against all femaleBeing
is NO more and everybody can REST in PEACE with PEACE of MIND and PEACE of womynkind and

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