Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Guide to Tantric Massage

Please note

as stated in this article that there is "no  penetrative"  sexual activity in Tantric Massage as a healing, therapeutic model.  The truth of our "modern" "civilization" is that our bodies and more specificially our genitals  are surrounded by toxic body and genital "shame", embarrassment, humiliation, fear (of being too . .  . . large, small, . . . . not adequate to measure up to the mass media and "pornographic" images that the contemporary culture is flooded with, totally saturated with as we progress from cradle to grave, from womb to tomb, thus are we each and all encapsulated in negative and toxic "nude body" . . .. . . self-image as we look at our naked bodies in the physical and internalized "mirrors" in which we form our self-image of our "born naked" and always (under our clothing) bare naked bodies, which are a phenomenally awecome evolutionary miracle if we were seeing them with 
"shamelessly" appreciative eyes, no matter their diversity of colors, shapes, sizes, shapes and forms. 

I taught myself the ART of Tantric Massage because of my own culturally
assimilated (since childhood toxic parenting) female body image . . .
embarrassment, shame, and painful discomfort with being in a body 
that is in the mass media portrayed as a sex object,  defined and described
by a whole lexicon of "  common everyday language"    self-defined as 
"dirty" . . ."filthy" . . .. "   foul" . . .. "obscene"   and "curse words"    including the 
words implying that the monthly menstural cycle is the "curse". 

How then was I as an "  innocent"    . .. little girl to form a sexually positive 
body/Self Image and "high self-esteem"    while continuously being innundated with "dirty, filthy"     language for every part of my body inside 
and out?       Mission Impossible! 

The same is true for "little boys . . . . raised in a toxic sex-slanged common 
language that does to little boys what it does to little girls in the formative 
first years of early childhood development. 

Does this feel painfully familiar to you?  Every cell in our bodies are 
memory cells that retain every experience of our lives!  

The Bare Naked (or stark naked) Truth is that we do not see our bodies 
as they really ARE.  We see them reflected back to us through the mass 
media images of them including the pornography and gornography images
flooding the internet since it's technological emergence as a tool for 
human communication. 

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