Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sacred Sex Meet Maryse Cote'

How do women regain their sacred sexual power? Tantra is becoming the tool for the
sexual healing, liberation and sacred erotic emancipation of today's women.

Here's another of the many Tantra LoveLinks I have posted in this Blog since I
created it.

Enjoy learning the Sacred Sex Secrets of our Taoist and Tantric birthright,
inheritance and legacy, for millenia hidden, shrouded in sexual shame, guilt, fear
and the imposition of the terrifying "virgin-witch-whore" misogenistic female
binding patriarchial socio-sexual trappings/entrapment of our authentic sacred
Goddess Sexuality, Spirituality and divinely "endowed" luminious prinal feminEssence,
our collective Kundalini SHAKTIPOWER.

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