Monday, August 2, 2010

In the belly of the Great Mother Goddess/ Belly Dancing for Pregnancy and Birthing

An intriguiging article on what may be humanity's most ancient dance, the
belly dance and it's relevance to human birthing and all sentient BEimg,
including our collective BEing here . . . Now, Together Birthing, Rebirthing
ourselves from INside . . . out. upsidedown and downside up, simbiotically and
in the mysteries of of our sexual/spiritual, humanity/divinity great cosmogenesis
and psychosynthesis of spirit and flesh, Yin and Yang, Yab and Yum, Shakti and Shiva,
the universal singularity of our "as within, so without, as above, so below"
ancient, ancestural and present "now-a-days" mysteries, myths, legends and strange
Ceremonial Magick Heritage, Birthrite and Legacy from and to "all our relations". in
Earth our Body, Water our Blood, Air our Breath and Fire our SpiritEssence and
Alchemical Transmutation.

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