Friday, August 13, 2010


Welcome tyo the Oh! My Goddess" Oh My Goodness Spotlight on the Glorious Entrepreneur
Goddesses Online co-creating the worldwide Internet for all to use and enjoy!

I have a GoddessVision for the co-creation of a 24/7/365 Internet Goddesses Tour de
GRA (Grande Tour) of all the Goddess-Centric internet websites, webrings and blogs
"in HER image, in HER likeness" and in HER unique, YONIque way of being the
Great Internet Goddess in all of her infinite diversity of manifestations and

To assist in the manifestation of this GoddessVision, please contact the
GoddessVisionaries, Reclaiming Project, c/o

Calling all artists, entrepreneurs, sacred Arts activists and Goddess loving humans
to the exaltation of the universal Great Cosmic Mother Goddess, HERself, our
Holy, Blessed, Sacred and Divine ancesturess, Grandmother, Clanmother, Earth Mother.

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