Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Religion is Child Abuse

An example of adult "programing" and mind control of a child's body, life and being
used for adult exploitation (collecting money "offerings", donations).

Who benefits?
Follow the Money.
Religion worldwide is a multi-trillion dollar business enterprise, second only to the
WAR business, industrial military complex's multi-billions, multi-trillions of
money "contracts" to the international WARbanks, the privately owned banks that
lend money they print out of then air, to both and all sides of any and all WARS,
cold wars, hot wars, local/global wars, world wars.

Follow the WAR . . . . . money.
And ask "Pro Bomo"? Who benefits?

Is it the trillions of mass slaughtered, genocided human beings benefiting from the
international WAR racket? Is it their shattered, devastated "loved ones" . . .
orphans, widows, and mutilated, mangled wounded relatives? WHO really benefits?

Follow the Money. Follow the privately owned world banking institutions owned
by the greediest, most heartless, most unconscionable and most blood thirsty among

Oh, and , on yes, it's time for all of WE the Sheeple to wake the Fuck Up!

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