Saturday, July 31, 2010

Violence Against Women is a Global Struggle

Discover the religious roots of the worldwide pandemic of hourly, daily, yearly,
neverending murderously monstrous violence against women and girls and all . . . all
female being on our tortured war and rape ravished plundered, pillaged planet.

Denying it won't make it stop or go away.
Trivializing it won't make it stop or go away.

Both men and women MUST, MUST unite to stop and prevent the hideously terrifying
misogeny (woman hateing, fearing, torturing and mass murdering femicide) all over the
planet, in every towne, city, village of the whole planet, EVERYWHERE WOMEN ARE.

What can you do?
First, educate, inform yourself.
Secondly, take immediate and continual action as a Sacred Activist for Woman's
total liberation from the murderous madness into which humanity, ALL . . . . born of
the sacred blood, womb, body, and being of WOMAN, the universal Mother of Humanity
has collectively succumbed to.

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