Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Return of the Auspicious Shahrzad and her Belly Dancing Mystique

She has been called Shahrzad (with various spellings of the name), for thousands of
years. She is the ubiquituously auspicious veiled and unveiled belly dancing
feminine Mystique. Her dancing is sensual, elegantly and exotically feminine,
the ultimate manifestation of the Kundalini energy rising in the body of woman.

She has been the muse of male authors, artists, musicians, composers and the role
model for millions of female dancers, coreographers, beings, a sisterhood of the
female sex's most alluringly sensual dance.

And still . . . . she's dancing . . . . in every nation, society and civilization
across continents and cultures, through time and timeless . . . infinity. She is
everywhere. Ubiquituous and Auspiciously reminding all womankind and mankind that
"in the beginning" of our male/female simbiotic co-existence we were all in the
belly of woman, the universal Mother, Birther, of all humankind!

If you've got a belly button, you can belly dance! And the invitation of the
Belly Dancing Shahrzah is always NOW!

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