Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Public mass hypnosis through hyperventilation

Try this! Choose at least one other person to "witness" your inner "psychodrama".
Then "deliver" your "message" to "humanity", all womankind and mankind in rapidfirefire
hyperventilation, shallow, rapid breathing (gulping air between words), with as
much emotional energy as you can muster. Let it Alllllll out. Act it out. Shout
it out! Gasp it out! Faster and faster with more and more emotional intensity.

It is the most awesome spiritual, mental, physical, mental CATHARSIS you will ever
experience in this life, world! Then, after one hour of this done continuously,
focus inward and feel what you feel. Do you feel energized? or energy drained?
Are you experiencing more or less mental clarity? Confusion? Are you feeling
more or less powerful, passionate?

ONE HOUR of deep internal "psychotrama drama" . . . . exactly like the one
in this video.

If you can do this publically, you can:
l.. Attract millions of "souls", entitites who "thrive" in this kind of social
2. Attract millions of dollars in monetary "offerings" to the "Lord", to the
"mission", the "cause" of "saving souls" in this manner.
3. Attract willing sexual partners who "thrive" on intense emotional catharsis
and the "gasping orgasms" pictured in this video.
4. If you are willing to risk standing before even one other human and doing
this for one hour, you will be absolutely amazed at what you will experience
and "what will become of you".

Another word for this activity is Pranayama Yoga, but it is only called
Pranayama Yoga if the one engaged in the breathing is breathing consciously instead
of unconsciously. It is doubtful upon careful observation if this brother is
breathing deeply, diaphramatically and CONSCIOUSLY.

He is mentalizing "pious platitudes" and religious content in a context of
high intensity group emotionality which he has carefully and deliberately created
with what the mystic named Mesmer named "animal magnetism", that later came to be
called self, group and/or mass hypnotism. It "works ever time" and is totally
predictable human "herd" behavior/ "mass" . . . behavior.

I am not pointing this out in a "judgemental" way, that is, "judging" it
"good and/or evil", right and/or wrong, socially acceptable or unacceptable,
"righteous or unrighteous" behavior, "holy or unholy" behavior, "sinful or sinless"

It is what it is.

And the vast majority of humans are deeply addicted to and totally simbiotic with
this particular human mass behavior pattern which we are repeating over and over
and over, endlessly, week after week, year after year and even millenium after

The definition of Insanity is "doing the same thing over and over and over and
over . . . . etc., ad infinatum . . . and expecting different results . . . .
consequences, outcomes, "karma" . . . . . experiential reality.

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