Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Ethical Hedonism Manifesto

Can humans "enmasse" learn The Bonobo Way of making love, not war and Peace through
pleasure? Discover The Bonobo Way and Dr. Susan Brock's outrageously hedonistic
lifestyle and advocacy for shifting the whole of humanity to The Bonobo Way of
using SEXual pleasure to "make love, not war" . .. "between the sexes" and lots of
erotic mutual pleasuring to minimize tryannical, terroristic, torturously deadly
bloody violence among themselves.

Polyamorous, playfully funny, childlike, unhibitedly sexy, with no evidence of
the familiar human body/sex shame, fear, guilt that is our most ubiquituous human
trauma drama, the Bonobos are the inspiration for The Ten Commandments of Pleasure,
the Ethical Hedonism Manifesto and the outrageously "ethically hedonistic" behavior
of Dr. Susan Brock, the Yale "sex educated" online SEX Therapist, Educator,
Commentator and progenitor of The Ethical Hedonism Manifesto.

Check it out! Her commentary on the ubiquituously noxious planetary misogeny malady
is intriguingly worth the read.

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