Sunday, July 25, 2010

The End of America Movie - Naomi Wolf

The whole movie is in ten segments on YOUtube.
A model of women's leadership potential and women's innate wisdom emerging ad the
critical transformation of America from Freedom to Fascism and the emerging great
awakening of WE, the People, men, women, youth and children reclaiming our
human conscience, learning to speak Truth to Power, learning to refuse to yield to
tryanny, terror and torturer in the guise of traitorous "patriotrism", Big Brother,
Orwellian style.

In George Orwell's Patriarchial Dystopian Big Brother is Watching Police State,
he warned us of exactly what's happening in America and the World Now.

Orwell's literary genius is unexcelled to this very cataclysmic socio-political
crisis in which we are each and all matrixed . . . . . into via the new digital

WE have been forewarned!

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