Monday, June 28, 2010

Women's World Summit Foundation

Learn about the Grass Roots Women's initiatives, Gatherings and Movements . ..
moving all womanbirthed humankind/ mankind and womankind toward a new women-centric
awareness of the necessary wisdom that resides and abides only in the collective
consciousness and unconsciousness of women enmasse, the whole female half of the
male/male spirituo-sexual simbiotic magnificient mating dance and sacred erotic
love trance of womankind and mankind in all ages, past, present and future . . .
and beyond three dimensional Time-Space limitations . . . . of the Infinititude
in which we are all . . . . . always and forever part of, each and all as One.

There is ONE life, that life is all the life we will ever each and all experience
in and "out of body", in and out of the "time-Space" illusions of separation from
the infinite source of all sentient, intelligent life "as above, so below, as within,
so without" . . . . the ONE as the many, many as the ONE.

We are all remembering now . . . . . ancient . . . Rememberings.
We're not here to learn a thing. We're all here . . . . Remembering!

Remember! Remember!
Amd failing to remember, create, invent, imagine, sing, dance, laugh, live and
enjoy the endless . . . . . journey that is the endless . .. destiny/ destination!

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