Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love Mystery School

What is the lived experience of Tantra?
This Link along will open to you the mystical, magical, musical, meditative,
spiritual-erotic path of Tantra for Women, Men and Couples.

I especially recommend the Abracadabra Magic Formulas and the Yummy recommendations
for the "care and feeding" of our Love Temples embodying Tantra, the universal
"divine union" of the opposite "sexes" . . . opposite/complementary, Yin/Yang
dualities and polarities.

Happy YabYummying!

Tantrika Melody, Playfully teaching, living and embodying the sacred erotic love
muses, music and mysteries of Tantra, the ancient, perennial path of life lived
fully, joyfully, ecstatically, laughlingly and Yab Yummyly, "as above, so below,
as within, so without" . . . . making the inside as the outside, the male as the
female, the spirit as the flesh, the individual as the . . . . infinite, all as
the auspicious ONE, ONE as the all that is.

This infinite oneness, wholeness, allness, nowness and isness is the mystery of
the sacred erotic love essence of the tantric "couple" and "individual".

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