Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A voice of sanity in an insane war crazed world.

One man, Ron Paul, has been telling it like it is, his pleas falling on deaf ears for
too long. Listen to his common sense, intelligence and his empathy, compassion and
affinity for all humanity . . . . how much more killing for War Racketeering
Profiteering . . . . . . . . bloodshed of humanity killing humanity can we endure?

"Saving face", "alphaMale Militaristic Egomania? WHO is "winning" the War Racket?
WE are all losing our sanity, our human compassion, dignity, affinity, kinship and
common sense. Bravo for Ron Paul and all Men of his type, kind of Intelligence in
the face of the mass WARcrazed Insanity of Humanity!

In the words of General Smedley Butler, one of America's most "decorated" . . .
military heros turned anti-war speaker, orator, WAR is a RACKET. It always has

And WE the people/ sheeple were all born prisoners of the world war racket that
preceeded our Birth on Earth! Born in captivity, every one Alive on Earth Now!
The WAR racket is older than we are! And only WE, the "WAR babys generations"
can put an end to the local/global, international, intergenerational WAR Racket.

It not us, then WHO?
If not now, then WHEN?
If not from the Grass Roots UP, and the TOP down war defectors, resisters, anti-war
world peace activists, . . . . . from whence will world peace ever come?

It won't. The big corporate, gangster banksters who are reaping massive war
profits and counting their money while our children and grandchildren are turned
into bloody WAR machine "fuel" and "fodder" grinding them into bloody pulp, will
never end as long as WE the people remain apathetically "obedient" to the world
WAR Lords and Masters of Deceit, Secret Military "Intelligence", "spying" on all
the people all the time in the Orwellian Fascist Big Brother Police State that
has become the world at large, including America the "Beautiful" . . . Ugly . .
global Empire building BIG Brother Bullyboy attempting playing international
Policeforce, forcing compliance with American "Foreign Policy" of American
Military "Occupation" of "other" . . . countries, nations, and human sovereignty
"overseas", "abroad", on Earth.

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