Friday, May 14, 2010

Confessions of a WAR Risting Iraq Veteran Against War

In my over ten years of private citizen world War research and investigating,
and spending all of my available money, and many days and years over ten to twelve
hours per day searching the internet for mainstream American media and alternative
world WAR news, this article and video is the most gut wrenching, soul igniting,
and "humane" contribution to accepting personal and collective responsibility for
the planetary, "historical" and right NOW, daily, nightly, 24/7/365 endlessly cruel,
totalitarian, tryannical hideous genicidal, femicidal, matricidal and suicidal
murderous human stark raving collective MADness I have yet discovered on the internet.

EMAILING THE Links to all WAR resistors of the war crazed war ravished world,
OUR world, the only world we have ever known.

Thank you for your willingness to open your mind, open your heart and reconsider
what "supporting the troops" really IS. Hitler "supported the troops" . . .
Stalin "supported the troops", Pol Pot "supported the troops".

This courageous VOICE of the young WAR resisters is no longer "falling on deaf
ears". Note that the U.S. Government and Military Industrial Complex is described
as "cadaverlike" in it's refusal to admit to "itself" it's own lies, betrayal of
true patriotism and the "humanitarian" empathy, affinity, compassion, love and
"brotherhood and sisterhood" that is in the heart and soul of every human being.

We have been systematically dehumanized, commodified, prostituted, pimped, sexually
victimized and terrorized so long that we do not recognize that we are all one
simbiotic organism. What we do to ONE of us we do to ALL of us.

We are entangled, interwoven, interdependent, simbiotically inseparably all One.
All the horrific atrocities on this planet against the sacredness of life, sex,
and the very Breath of Life itself, are interdepently all ONE.

All things are connected.
All things breath the same breath, the same water of life passes into and through
every body, the same fire/ heat and light is vital to the existence of life,
photosynthesis, metamorphesis, evolutionary emergence of sentient being.

When will we FREE outselves from the intergenerational WARmania/trauma drama we
are collective re-enACTing . . . . in every successive generation of human existence?

How many more will be savagely massacred, brutally and insanely tortured to death,
men, women and children all over this planetary penitentiary of the doomed and the

I support WAR resisters. They're our brothers. They're out sisters.

The American Empire's massive military WAR machine is the most destructive force
on Earth due to the insane "weapons superiority" alpha Male Megapsychosis we are
creating in our nations "boyhood to manhood" Rites of Passage and simbiotic
"girlhood to womanhood" . . . Rites of Passage rituals, and ceremonial necrophelia,
obsession with violence and gore, and the politics and $sexonomics of perpetuating
importing and exporting sexism, racism, and all the other schisms of the ISMS
that are dividing and destroying us collectively and individually, . . . .

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