Monday, January 4, 2010

Kellie Everetts the "Stripper for God"

This video raises questions regarding the relationship between the sexes,
all men and all women, attitudes toward women, attitudes toward men, attitudes
toward sex, attitudes toward "GOD" (who is predominantly images as a white male God)
who is presumed to have created "everything", including "man and woman". There is
sooooooo much more than meets the eye here.

This must be viewed within the context of the worldwide sexual enslavement of men,
women, children AND Beasts. This must be viewed within the international, intergenerational context of the 21st Century worldwide multi-billion dollar
human trafficing, the SEX trafficing of women and children for "use" and "FOR SALE"

This must be viewed within the context of the SEX trafficing of millions of girls
women and boys who are right now, everyday, every night, being bought and sold
as modern SEX slaves. Who are the "pimps", the "Johns", the MALE "consumers"
creating the "market demand" for the imported and exported "product", human "flesh".

The bodies of these millions of violently captured and captive SEX slaves are
referred to as "fresh meat" by the "consumers of this fresh meat", the vast majority
of which are adult MEN, every one of whom was conceived, formed, incubated and
enwombed in the body of woman, the bodies of the women that they in vast numbers
as this video demonstrates, hold women who are "telling it like it is", is utter
contempt, whole "preaching" to women like Kellie Everetts, the "stripper for God"
that "GOD" took a rib from a man and made a dispicable "from man derived", creature
called "woman". womb-man (the man with the womb in which the "creation of life"
is embodied, materialized, MANifested.

Notice the seething hatred, the male physical assault on the woman, using his
belly to push into her body, tearing a piece of her garment, the sense of male
"entitlement" to "manhandle" the woman's body and to verbally assault her.

Who created the multi-trillion dollar international market for girl and women
"prostitutes", "whores", "sluts", "mistresses" to "service" male "clientele"?
Did women create this global "flesh market" for "fresh meat", "fresh female flesh"?
Of did men? Or both? Did the international military industrial complex create
the brothels that are situated near military installations all over the planet?

Did "GOD" make SEX? Is SEX "sin"? What is SIN? Who created the words and the
concept "SIN"? MALE popes, priests, preachers, clergymen, writers of the male
religious "scriptures" the Bible, the KORAN?

Do your own research. Who is lying to who about SEX? When does SEX become incest,
rape, sexual child abuse, SEX pimping, SEX prostituting, SEX "whoring", SEXual
terrorism, torture, and SEXual guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, embarrassment, humilitation. PLEASE, men and women. Look at this in a planetary context and
ask yourself, What on Earth, "in the name of God", Allah, Jesus, Mohammed, . .
Mother Earth, Father God, . . . . . . . all that is, all being, all life . . .

STOP for just a few minutes and see the deep, dark chasm that exists between
man and woman, men and women, a chasm filled with sexual fear, anxiety, pain,
suffering, anger, rage, depression and despair.

Religion has taught us to look for a scapegoat upon whom to place our "sin",
"guilt", shame . . . . . . the "other" . . . . . (sex), being, entity upon whom,
which to cast our own inner shame, guilt, fear that is unbearably painful and
which we absorbed and assimilated in our mother's womb as it was "downloaded"
genetically AND "memetically" from our parental ancestors to our infantcy.

This video brings up soooooooo much gender pain, fear, anxiety in both the men
and the women. If you do not identify with either gender, and maintain a "neutral"
perspective as a "detached" observer, witness, watcher, see yourself in both
genders . . . deep frustration. Empathy is the human attribute of being capable
to see oneself as the "other". Put yourself in Kelly Everetts "shoes", body,
life, a profoundly extraodinary life. Be Kellie. feel her feelings, think her

Then virtually BE her male antagonist, the "host" who invited her to appear on
HIS show. Notice HIS "hospitality" to his show "guest". Without making either
of them "right or wrong", "good or evil", simply human like all of us, discover
how similar we all are. We are all telling the same story of gender related
alienation that neither gender knows how to "fix", "change", reconcile and
transcend, get . . . . Beyond.

Now that you have read this far, do yourself and humanity a favor and visit
Kellie Everetts, alias Rasa Von Werder's website: to
gain a "bigger picture" of who this woman really is.

She is the author of many books, including Breastfeeding is Lovemaking Between
Mother and Child that contains many "scientific" validations of what she is
with massive misogenistic resistance teaching and "preaching" to humanity, enmasse.

So be it. It is what it is.

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