Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Irag Women are Speaking to the World

In spite of continuing death threats and male bullying, religious domination of
female existence and sexual autonomy, courageous women in Global captivity and exile
are breaking the silence, finding their voices, speaking the truth to the world
and all womanborn womankind, mankind, humankind, enmasse.

WOMEN of the world UNITE!
Our voices MUST be heard! Our TRUTH must be told!
Our silence is complicity. Our resistance to the convergence of
white male supremacy and apartheid, American white male Imperialism and
the monstrous international militarization and terrorization of every day
and night of all our lives must be resisted!

No man ever lived who did not begin his life inside the body and womb of a woman!
This is self-evident to all men and all women. It is the nature of our existential
reality and relativity. WE who are the givers of Life, birth and being must stop
cowering before the thrones of male tryants "in the name of God", "Allah" and
the GODfather Maffios who are terrifying, tryannizing and totally destroying this
whole rape and war plundered planet.

WE, the Mothers of the whole human race, species, all of whom emerged from our
own wombs and bodies, MUST . . . . realize who it is we have been violently and
forcefully and deceitfully conditioned to bow down to and worship and emulate!

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