Thursday, January 7, 2010

Illigitimate Pleasures vs. Sacred Pleasures

An invitation to compare gender differences in how Sacred Pleasures and Illigitimate
Pleasures are defined and expressed by Ravi Zacharias in this video and by
the author of Sacred Pleasure, a literary Masterpiece by Raine Eisler.

What is pleasurable to one gender is not necessarily pleasureable to the other
in our culture of the Double Standard and Double Cross!

It is the woman who is "stoned to death for male defined adultry" in the biblical
tales of the use of stoning to death, a terrifying unsacred, unpleasure that is
as contemporary as American apple pie and the latest horror movie, war movie and
porno flick.

Billy Graham and Ravi Zacharia are alpha male heros of what Raine Eisler defines
as the Dominator model of social organization which she contracts with the
once and future Partnership model. Both are convergent in all our lives and all
of our relationship dynamics.

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