Saturday, January 9, 2010

All I Wanna Say is They Don't Really Care About Ut.

Commentary: What are "they" who "don't really care about us"?
Who are "US"? . . "WE"

What is the "hidden message in the song lyrics of this martyred born in American
"black" and "white" faced messenger? What is the message of his whole psychologically
tormented lonely life among us?

Are "they" the "parents/benifactors" of "child music and movie stars" who "sell their children" top "them", "those" who "don't really care about us".

Think about it. Think about how the multi-trillion dollar "music industry"
"uses" musically gifted and talented children, youth and adults as sources of
"revenue", money, economic resources to "use up", "exploit" and own, possess and
enslave into bondage to their "agents", promoters, marketeers.

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