Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why I am creating this Blog

As the New Year, 2012 is emerging,
I, Melody Hart,creator of this Viva La Tantra Blog,
alias all my psyeudonymic internet aliases, am creating
this blog to wake up "all my human relations" to the realization that we
have been bamfoozled by massive mass media disinformation, infected by a toxic
highly contagious mind crippling, life source energy sapping, whole human species

TOXIC MIND VIRUS of epidemic whole Earth, whole human species inclusiveness.

The mind virus that creates in us an unconscious "religious death neurosis" that we were forced, coerced, "educated" and socially conditioned to assimilate in our early
childhood during which we were infected with the threat of "eternal torment in a
hellfire and damnation" "penitential abode of the damned and doomed" in which the
fire of eternal torment of the souls cast into an imaginary HELL are "tormented day
and night" "forever and ever" in an imaginary world of terrifying torment of human
souls . . . . . the ultimate psychological terror that follows us from the womb to
the tomb, the cradle to the grave.

Is all of this really true?

I remember being infected by this terrifying religious mind virus in my early
childhood as I "overheard" adult relatives, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles,
relatives talking about their collective fear of something called HELL, death and
other "religious matters" discussed around the family dinner table in at other
family gatherings. I have NO choice but to assimilate in my then child's mind,
the family MindVirus that was irristibly contagious, from which I had NO mental,
psychological immunity.

Is it really possible that we have been enmasse victimized by a massive religious hoax and intergenerational deadly religious "mind virus" that is being passed from generation to generation of "religionized" patents and children conditioned and controlled by massive religious institutions to live our whole lives in a terrifying "religious death neurosis" that paralyzes our lives, our collective creative genius, and our sacred sexual relativity as sexual/spiritual, multi-dimensional beings? How do you know/ not know what the whole "religious truth"
of our religious ancestry was/is?

Food for Thought:

Thinking outside the mindBox of the "religious death psychosis", consider the
possibility that the content of this video is the Truth. What if it IS?

The video presents personal evidence that during generations of human childhood,
we were "enmasse" infected with in our childhood religious indoctrination, "education", childhood assimilation of the patental generation's deep and toxic "religious death psychosis", the internalized fear of an "afterlife" of terrifying "eternal soul torment in a burning lake of fire and brimstone and eternal soul suffering, etc. ad nauseum, "ad infinatum".

The evidence that this is true, is the universal psychic Catastraphobia that is
easily observable in the whole human species/race/family/collective presence on Earth. Catastraphobia being the constant collective fear of an impending collective
Doomsday, "end of the world", destruction of the whole Earth by fire, firey astroids, a sky to Earth firey cataclysmic catastrophe . . . etc. terrifying fear
of a whole species imagined (remembered?) extinction of consciousness cataclysm.

This is a LIE created by the "Father of Lies", the "Great Deceiver Himself" who
is the originator of the terrifying paternal LIE and the usurper of humanity's
pre-Patriarchial, pre-Religious ancient Great Cosmic Mother and Child simbiosis
that is more ancient than the relatively recent Patriarchial male conceived
GODS of War and Wrath, Vengeance and Hellfire and Damnation/Salvation and Redemption
Torture Cross Crucifixion . . . . . religious DEATH psychosis that has now infected
all womankind, mankind, humankind with a simbiotic (all inclusive) internalized
religiously perpetuated deep death psychosis that is superficially and temporarily
assauaged with religious promises of "salvation" from the internalized religiously
generated fear of death psychosis.

We are being manipulated and controlled by this internalized religious death
psychosis from early childhood to elderhood, mostly completely unconsciously and
continuously, never endingly. And, there is a way of escape from it's internal
mental, psychosomatic, viseral and organic embodied torment. This is internally
SELF-evident and needs no external "religious or scientific" validation. We all
feel it viserally and organically in the depth of our own SOULS/ UNISOUL,
allOne deep soulEssence.

The way of escape from the HELL in the MIND (mental abberation) of all "mankind"
is now opening to us each and all. It is an internal way of escape because the
whole HELL infected psychological/ psychic "downloaded childhood programming" is internal, in the mind-body psychosynthesis of us each and ALL Together. No
external diety is going to "save" us from our own internalized mental "HELL".
We each must engaged in deep innerwork, bodywork, mentalwork to free our whole
simbiotic inner self/selves from this agonizing internalized mentalized HELL.

To Hell with Hell! To Hell with War, Rape, Domination, Hate, Tryanny and Terror!
We need to set ourselves and all of our children and grandchildren free from this
intergenerational family MindVirus that is paralyzing our WILL to resist it's
internally cancerous growth and spreading devastation of our collective co-existence.

ONLY together can we set ourselves FREE of this internalized childhood programing
that is a virus in the mind of all "mankind", "womankind" and "humankind" enmasse!

WE are all ONE. What is in ONE is in every ONE, every "other" . . . ONE.
That is our "nature". Oneness, Wholeness, Allness, Nowness and Isness, All Together.

So if any one of us is infected with a terrifying "religious death psychosis",
the psychosis spreads like a deadly mental cancer throughout the whole simbiotic
"mind" of all humankind. That is what Dr. Ray is revealing in this video.

Before you dismiss his obervation and personal experience. Realize that the cost
of denial of this shocking "diagnosis" of what "ails" the collective human race
is well worth considering. What have we each and all got to lose? We have already
lost so much sanity, common sense and our true creative brilliance and collective
creative genius to this highly contagious religiously infecting deadly Mind Virus.

Our human HIStory bears witness of the terrifyingly hideous atrocities that our
human ancestors created under the influence of terrifying mass religious insanity,
all "in the name of God". Research it for yourself. Don't take anybody else's
word for "it", the terrifying "it" , the "infectious" deadly religious MindVirus

How to I know that this is so? Because I am a "hellfire and damnation" . ..
escape artist, and self liberating, self emancipating spiritual shaman on the
path of self-enlightened transcendence to higher consciousness and a more
healthy, humane, compassionate, empathetic inner life free from the religious insanitythat I was forced, coerced and conditioned to assimilate at the tender age of six years and even from the womb of my "infected" biological Mother and my
"infected" Father, from whom I was born "infected" with the religious mind virus
that Dr. Daryl Ray is describing in this video.

As in the Mother, so in the Child of the Womb of the Mother, so goes the World.
Behold the "world" conceived by the "religious death psychosis" and massive
DEATH by violence surrounding every child born and every sentient being among us!

Behold the stark raving religious madness of the endless "Holy Wars", "Jihads",
terrifying "witch hunts", religious inquisitions, and historical religious persecutions, the unholy Terror in the name of something called "God", "Allah" and
the alpha male imaginary "Supreme Being", Lord God Almighty the entity that is
feared more than death because HE is presumed to be the omnipresent punisher of
all human "disobedience" to HIS WILL "on Earth as it is in the Heaven and Hell"
that is "HIS" "eternal sovereign terrifying domain".

Think for yourself! Question all of this inherited BS (belief system).
Set yourself FREE from it's terrifying mental tryanny and internal parasitic
infection as millions of our "kind" have and are together, simbiotically doing.

We were all infected together. Only together can we "disinfect" ourselves from
the internal torment of the internalized "religious death psychosis" that
Dr. Daryl Ray is revealing in this video clip.

Blessed be. So be it. And it is so, even Now!

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