Sunday, December 13, 2009

What does the Patriacrh/Patriarchy fear the most? Woman.

I urge you to click this link and read this intriguing male-self-realized truth.
All of civilization is built on one phenomenon, the male fear of the spirital/
sexual power of the woman, women, and thus the perpetual patriarchial males
use of male self-conceived patriarchial power and authority to keep the woman/women
in the male designated "place" of male coerced and violence enforced "submission"
and "subjecation" to male "authority" sanctioned and violently enforced by male
laws, rules, created for "female" conduct and behavior in accordance with male
designated religiousity arrogantly and chauvanistically parading before the world as
the "infalliable" Pope, the "inerrant" patriarchial Bible, the Koran and all the
male conceived "Holy" WAR and Jihad . . . . . . tests filled with male misogeny,
male "jealousy", "wrath", "vengence" and male EGO-centric Megalomania!

READ it yourself, "I, (the male God-Self) . . . am a "jealous" . . . male "Godhead".
. . . . Vengeance is mine . . . . saith the Lord God Almighty . . . . . etc. etc.

Now focus your Mind's eye on the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain that the little
DOG (god spelled backward) has exposed as a magical little wizard of high tech
projection, the same technology used in Hollywood, television and internet technology that is now filled with Satanic horrorific and subliminally hypersexualized embbeded images created by the creators of subconscious and
subliminal sexualized mass media mind control techniques, methods and means by
the Masters of Illusion, Deception and subliminal mass media mind control technology.

This is now being revealed in such endeavors as the Rape of the Soul DVD, the
2012 online movie, the YOUtube/Google internet techie . . . . "seers" of the whole
Luciferian, satanic symbol system subliminally embbedbed and implanted in the
mass media publications, magazines, radio and television and internet technologies,
all . . . . . "owned" and "operated" by the very few wealthy unelected "elite"
rulers of the manifested world patriarchial empire.

Open your eyes. SEE for yourself what is occultly and esoterically, subliminally
"hidden in plain view, sight" right in front of your face, every you go, drive to,
move to and are!

Do you SEE what I SEE? Do you HEAR what I HEAR? Do you KNOW what I KNOW?
A massive mass media illusion has been created to keep the "sheep" mindlessly
and passively "obedient" to the Shepherds leading the Sheeple . . . to the
sacrificial altars of the Patriarchial merchants of Death, Doom, Depression,
Despair and mass . . . Extinction of the Kundalini Shakti, the universal luminious
feminEssence, the primal "light" of sentient conscious self-realized being in

The Patriarchs "solution" to the "woman problem" of female sexual autonomy and
spiritual autonomy . .. has always been male domination, control, possession and
ultimately authentic Kundalini Shakti powered female power and passion . . .
extinction/ extermination.

Thus are the old male myths filled with Goddess murder, and the symbolic and
vicarious dismemberment, decapitation, disembowelment, and desecration of the
long desecrated ultimate female image and likeness, the Glorified, Diefied
Great Goddess Herself.

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