Thursday, December 10, 2009

Planetary Tantra the return of our planetary Goddess Oddessy, "Not in HIS Image"

Are you disenchanted with the "received" religious myths, stories, dogma, and
institutionalized rigidity, the historicity of holy wars, religious jihads, violent
anti-life and anti-feminine mysogenistic Hellfire and Damnation Condemnation of
humanity in the received religious tests?

Who are we? What exactly IS the planet called Mother, Mother Earth, and what
is Mother Nature and Human Nature? Is Human Nature different and distinct from the
planetary Mother Nature? Is there a SuperNature? Supernatural realm of reality?
A simultaneous Spirit World? Is there an "Afterlife", a realm of the undead . .
dead . . . . "souls"? Is there a pergatory? A Limbo? A place where human "souls"
are "cast" into "eternal and everlasting firey torment"?

If you're ready for a whole different perspective on all of the above and infinitely
"all that is" in this "Age" . . . . . "Time" in which we are conscious of being 'IN", let John Lash, the author of the book Not in His Image and the Planetary Tantra online Goddess Sophia Oddessy . . . . . open your mind, heart and soul to
an infinitely more intimate exploration of the "divine feminine" Mystique in all
our lives and collective cosmos and psyche, the SOUL of the living GAIA, HERself!

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