Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wow! Can you Guess Mae or Female?

I posted this because it reveals how much more alike than different we are and
because the sexual energy in our bodies and our planet and all that is, is genderless
and formless, but not sexless. We are each and all "the Divine Androgeny", the
divine human Hermaphrodite! And wholeness is the capacity to express both in the
same body and being! Find clues in this Viva la Tantra Blog.

I am teaching the esoteric secrets of the emerging, evolutionary SUPRASEX phenomenon
and my YOUnique Intriging Intercourse Instruction, including the Kuma Satra, the
Yoga of esoteric LOVEmaking, the way of the GREAT Tao, the way of the infinite
Mother of ALL Being and evolutionary BE-coming, eternally omnipresent in all mind,
matter, body and soul as "the divine Androgeny", the parthenogenesis of our very
existence and "breath of Life", Pranayamma, Kundalini Shakti, the inner "jawalla"
"Lovefire" of "divine desire for union", the urge to merge and be "one",
one flesh, one spirit, one infinite BEing!

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