Monday, November 16, 2009

Foreskin Restoration for Circumcised Men

A vitally important message for circumcised men and the women in their lives.
It's time for all men and women to unite to end the sexual assault on humanity's
innocent children's genitals and sexual organs, including breasts. Learn about the
horrendously barbaric practices of breast ironing, male and female genital mutilating
and deliberately disfiguring religious and cultural "rites of passage" from
boyhood and girlhood to "manhood and womanhood", "adulthood".

None of us have escaped the whole Earth, whole humanity consequences of these ancient
ancestural religious and cultural customs, "rites", rituals, taboos and ceremonial
innitations. We are all one great Earth family. What happens to any one of us
happens vicariously to every one of us!

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