Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cougars and their Cubs

Exploring the MOST taboo socio-sexual relationship on planet Earth!
The "older women dating, mating, marrying, living with, loving younger men",
until very recently considered socially TABOO to DO and to BE "real/ true"
and yet always "behind the scenes" of the great Earth psychodrama of all our lives.

I posted this because it has been my personal experience that there are many
mutual benefits for those of us man and women, male and female who have dared to
break the Taboo and explore the lond held "double standard" that is that it is OK,
and socially "respectable" for older men to date, mate, marry, live with, co-habitat
with "young women" (even twenty to fifty years younger, believe it of not in the
case of the millions of "child brides" of "forced marriages", involuntary marriages
and "arranged marriages" across diverse cultural customs, traditions and the
"taboos" of the "double standard" standard, one for all women and another for all men.

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