Monday, October 12, 2009

Tantra Teaching Wanted by Christian Spouses. Here's the Evidenc

I am posting this Link for Christian couples/ spouses who want to stay Christian
and stay married and faithful to their spouses while passing together through the
inevitable female menopause, male andropause and the emerging Tantric Regenopause
beyond . . . . . Belief! Is your "old" BS, "belief system" sabtoging new possibilities
for your sacred erotic private Lovelife? Tantra may be just what you have been
needing to regain that sacred erotic magnetism, and mutual attraction that brought
you together before your married life together.

On this TantraBlog you will find Links to Tantric solutions to relagionship problems
of long duration in the human family of our planet, ourselves, all our lives Together.

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