Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hearts Cracked Open Tantra for Women who love Women

I am archiving this video to demonstrate the universality of Tantra for all women
and all men, all "womankind, mankind, humankind" through all the Ages of human
creative co-existence and co-habitation. We have been wrongly genderized and
socialized to perceive our sexuality as separate from our spirituality, our humanity
as separate from our "divinity gestalt", and that "splitting apart" of our essential
wholeness, allness, and timeless, ageless, eternal nowness and isness, if the root of
all our suffering, misery, alienation from our common source, the infinite energy
and infinite consciousness that we are each and all embodying and personifying as
our individual reflections, shadows and echoes of the infinitely all One . vast entity
of which we are each a vital part.

Welcome to the infinite diversity of the principles, polarities, dualities and
Singularity of Tantra for ALL . . . . . sentient BEing, ALL Life, All the Living.

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