Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Thought Man

I urge, no I beseech all men and women who are confused about the
sexual-social dynamics of the construct "gender" read this and ponder the
significance of what New Thought Man is thinking, feeling, experiencing in his
inner struggle with the all prevailing "dominance/submission" gender roles assigned
for us to act out, play out in the dominant total planetary Patriarchial Empire that
is now the whole planet's dominant scenerio.

I welcome correspondence with "New Thought Men" who are perhaps "secretly" experiencing
all the psychic/inner complexities expressed in this New Thought Man INsight.

For a phone chat on this, feel free to phone New Thought Woman, 919-676-1473, EST,
any morning between 6AM and 9AM.

From my perspective, all womankind and mankind are caught in a double binding
"damned if we do, damned if we don't" oxymoronic deadly, damning delimma that neither
"gender"/ "sex" can break out of independently. Like Yin and Yang, each contains
the "best and the worst" of the other "sex"/ gender which reinforces the mutual
interdependency that is our cosmic, universal "nature of reality".

I have pursued the Tantra Kundalini Yoga model that is freeing me to internally
develop what has been called the "divine androgeny", the "both and neither"
male/female alternative that is more fluid, and never fixed in the "either one or
the other" mainstream models of strict conformity to the existing definituons of
what a "man" is and is not and conversely what a "woman" is and is not.

Water, the primal element on this oceanic planet has NO form, is fluid, flowing
and take the form and shape of whatever "container" is "containing" it, a bucket,
a drinking glass, a riverbed or an ocean basin. It is infinitely capable of
instantantenously shapeshifting into steam, snow, sleet, ice, and the very breath
of all of us as the H2O content in our every breath.

I perceive the sexual energy creating all the mated pairs of YinYangs, whether
they be perceived as a cow and bull, hen and rooster, man and woman, god and goddess, from abstract symbols of duality and polarity to "flesh and blood"
models, to be all simultaneous dimensions and representations of the same 2 = 1
quantum tantra phenomenon.

The sanskrit word "tantra" implies "weaving together" diverse components into a
greater wholeness, allness, nowness, isness in which the either/or duality is
interwoven to the all is all, one is all and all is one universality in which
there is only an undivided totality, the original and ultimate non-duality.

All the mystics of all the ages have all experienced this, taught it and lived it.
All else, they taught is simply the great "illusion" of "separation", the great

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